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Find Financial Harmony with Ken Graci

Ken is a fee-based financial planner who believes in creating a financial plan that is simple and can help you identify your goals. He helps you evaluate your resources, determine your needs and analyze your objectives - coordinating your finances to help in achieving long-term goals. 

Many people invest their assets without knowing the probabilities for a successful retirement. They lack the knowledge of time-tested formulas available to assess investments for long-term goals. 

Ken Graci can help you invest your hard-earned savings around a specially customized plan, one that is built around your goals and needs. He specializes in helping you hit all the right notes for retirement planning goals. His services include:

Wealth Management
Ken's conservative and time-tested approach to money management helps you invest confidently - and according to your risk tolerance. He's experienced in: 

1. Retirement Planning

  • Retirement needs analysis
  • Retirement capital analysis
  • Retirement investment analysis - Current rates of return compared to needed rates of return - Independent analysis of investments
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Stock option analysis

2. College Financial Aid Analysis

  • Calculate the Expected Family Contribution
  • Effects of paying for college on parent's retirement
  • Financial aid strategies
  • College savings needed and savings strategies

3. Insurance Analysis

  • Life Insurance survivor needs
  • Disability Insurance analysis
  • Long Term Care analysis

4. Estate Planning

  • Estate taxes
  • Estate tax illustration

5. Net Worth Statement

For more information on the products and services Ken provides, give him a call or e-mail him today.

Client Centered

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships. Ken listens and works one-to-one with you, so you feel comfortable.